What Should I Wear/Bring?

1. Sturdy boots that cover your ankles

2. Lunch and a bottle of water

3. Glasses/Contacts if you normally wear them

4. A Strong, Thick Jacket

5. Thick Jeans (with no rips or tears in them)

6. Sunscreen & Sunglasses if it's sunny

7. Your Provisional or Full Driver's Licence

8. CBT certificate if you're doing a CBT renewal or A1/A2/DAS course

9. Theory Test certificate if you're doing A1, A2, Das course. You don't need the certificate to do the course but you need it before you can do the test.

I just realised my CBT expires soon, but you don't have any spaces left?


Give us a call on 0203 488 3606 or 07393 055 055. We might be able to fit you in. 

What if I'm late?


Your instructor can't wait for you if you're more than 15 minutes late. It's not fair to the other people on your course.


I work during the day - do you have evening courses available?


We plan to start late afternoon/evening courses so give us a call on 0203 488 3606 or email info@completemotorcycletraining.co.uk if you're interested.


I'm still confused about what course I need to do


Basically it's CBT for everyone, no matter what they want to ride. If you want to ride a big bike, you'll have to do the Theory Test then an A1, A2, DAS course.

So ... CBT -> Theory Test -> Big bike course (A1, A2, DAS)


What is the difference between A1, A2, DAS?


It's basically the same course. The only difference is what size motorcycle you'll be able to end up riding after you pass your test.