Big Bike - Full Motorcycle Training London DAS, A1 & A2

We provide DAS, A1, A2 Motorcycle Training Courses and Motorbike Lessons in Central London and East London Locations

We offer an intensive 5 day course for £950 (that includes your test fees) or you can buy individual lessons (£130/5 Hours) and learn at your own pace.

A Typical 5 Day Course Structure

Day 1 - Introduction. Discuss what to expect on your Mod 1 & Mod 2 tests. Get used to the bike. Practice block work - steering, gear changes, left and right turns, u-turns, roundabouts.

Day 2 - Focus on perfecting Mod 1 exercises (figure of 8, slalom, slow speed riding, emergency stop, u-turns, motorcycle manoeuvring). Mod 2 (Road Riding Skills) are covered as we ride to the Test Centre to watch Mod 1 tests. More Mod 1 training.

Day 3 - Focus on Mod 2. You'll be taken through the test routes to point out any areas that are particularly common fails (eg, changes in speed signs, one way streets etc).

Day 4 - Mock Tests

Day 5 - Mod 1 test in the morning followed by MOD 2 test

5 Day Courses are £950 (this includes motorcycle hire on all 5 days and both test fees)

The course is:

  • 5 hours each day (flexible hours)

  • Covers everything you need to know to pass both Mod 1 and Mod 2 Tests

  • Includes both Mod 1 & Mod 2 test fees

  • Includes motorcycle hire, insurance, equipment, and fuel each day

Motorbike Lessons

£160/5 Hours

If you want a more flexible approach to suit your learning pace and work schedule, you can buy lessons as you need them.

This approach is especially suitable for people who can't take a week off for the intensive course.

Your instructor will tailor each lesson to help you improve on any problem areas and get you ready for your tests.

Each lesson will be a maximum of 2 students per instructor and you'll be using our fully insured Yamaha motorcycles.

We also provide evening (after-work hours) lessons. Call for more information.

Once you've passed your tests, you'll be able to:

1. Carry passengers

2. Ride on motorways

3. Not have to renew a CBT every 2 years

4. Not display L plates

5. Ride any bike you want if you're above 24 years old.

If you're 17 or 18, you'll get the A1 licence and still be restricted to a 125cc up to 11kW.

If you're 19-23, you will get your A2 licence which means you can ride up to 35KW engine).

Use this to help you decide what licence you need